Regular meetings with our creators, manuscript assessment, print preparation,
and proofreading is what comprises the core of our work.
We produce our manga by tirelessly working in unison with our creators to achieve a common goal.
It's a process that is undertaken solely for the sake of delivering the best in manga entertainment.

Zenon Editor in-chief

Shinnosuke Watanabe

“Emotion, Excitement, Romance. Each manga stirs the hearts of its readers in different ways, putting a spring in their step as they face each new day. Here at Coamix, we're committed to producing such manga titles. Our editorial department is wholeheartedly dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our manga creators and writers in bringing you the very best content."

  • Monthly Comic Zenon
  • WEB Comic Zenyon
  • Bonolon the Forest Warrior

"Here at Coamix we edit "Monthly Comic Zenon".
When serializing content, we are fully engaged in the process from beginning to end. From meeting the creator, to gathering and proofreading manuscripts during the editing process, right up to promoting sales of the completed work, we are positively engaged with our manga every step of the way. In addition, we are also fully committed to the discovery, and growth of fresh talent and the manga they create."

Kenji Hisanaga

Zenon Editor in-chief

Kenji Hisanaga

Launched in 2010, "Monthly Comic Zenon" has been entertaining the manga hungry public for 7 years. Where we stand out is our commitment to featuring the work of newcomers, manga creators we have trained and guided to ultimately debut in the pages of the magazine. Since its launch, the magazine has featured over 100 new creators and writers, many of whom have gone on to become professional manga creators. We aim to continue supporting the next generation of creators along their path to becoming fully fledged manga artists.


  • Monthly Comic Zenon official website

    Monthly Comic Zenon official website

  • Comic Zenon online store

    Comic Zenon online store

Here at Coamix we edit "WEB Comic Zenyon".
When serializing content, we are fully engaged in the process from beginning to end. From meeting the creator, to gathering and proofreading the manuscripts during the editing process, right up to promoting sales of the completed work, we are positively engaged with our manga every step of the way. In addition, we are also fully committed to the discovery, and growth, of new talent and the manga they create.
Updated every Sunday, "WEB Comic Zenyon" is a free, digital manga magazine enabling readers to enjoy their favorite manga any time and any place via their computer, tablet, or even smartphone!

Hiroshi Akiyama

WEB Comic Zenyon editor-in chief

Hiroshi Akiyama

I am in charge of WEB Comic Zenyon, the digital sister of Monthly Comic Zenon. Unlike her big sister however, WEB Comic Zenyon offers readers manga content of a more unothordox nature, every Sunday. As pioneers in manga, we are also developing a new competition, the "Itten Toppa Manga Award" which aims to discover fresh manga talent, who, with the invaluable experience of our editorial team, can deliver a weekly dose of excitement to further brighten the weekends of our readers. We sincerly hope that WEB Comic Zenyon can bring a smile to all who read it.


  • WEB Comic Zenyon official website

    WEB Comic Zenyon official website

After the huge success of our free, parent-child magazine Polamel, we began work on serializing the immensely popular The Forest Warrior Bonolon under the tutelage of Manga Master Tetsuo Hara. Additionally, we are coordinating a series of reading events with the help of costumed characters from the beloved series to encourage fun infused education! And with an exciting collaboration with Zizoya Co., Ltd., education through Manga is set to revolutionize childhood development.

Saori Fukuzaw

Polamel, Editorial department

Saori Fukuzawa

I have the immense honor of overseeing the serialization of "Bonolon the Forest Warrior" and all that it encompasses. First published in 2005, "Bonolon the Forest Warrior" is a much loved creation that has captured the hearts of its readers, many of whom have continued reading it into adulthood. As such, it’s a big responsibility to nurture its beloved characters without undermining a world that is cherished by so many.
As editors we work hand in hand with our creators and place great importance on individual opinon when producing new stories. I generally work from behind my desk but nothing pleases me more than seeing the smiles on children's faces at our events. Seeing our work touch the hearts of so many never fails to motivate us in crafting the next thrilling adventure.


  • The forest warrior Bonolon official website

    Bonolon the Forest Warrior official website

With over 3500 manga artists from over 100 countries *, the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® ** (SMA) is one of the largest manga competitions in the world. The SMA Editorial Department is devoted to managing, promoting and facilitating the competition across various SMAC!
Crossing worldwide borders with our characteristic "SILENT MANGA", we are committed to working directly with aspiring manga creators around the globe, offering support in a multitude of languages, in the pursuit of creating new manga. Additionally, we are committed to leading the way in interacting, training, and supporting young aspiring manga creators around the world via the web and other social media sites, with the goal developing the growth of manga far beyond its native Japan.
* As of January 2019
** “SILENT MANGA AUDITION®” is a registered trademark of NSP in Europe, and related jurisdictions

Taiyo Nakashima

SMAC! Editorial department

Ken Yoshii

"Silent manga" is a style of manga that people from all over the world can enjoy because it uses no dialogue. It's precisely because of this reason, that our readers can focus on the true essence of manga found in the art, composition, paneling, and characters. We are truly honored to say that a whole new generation of aspiring manga and comic creators from every corner of the globe, have chosen the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® as a place to showcase their ambitious works. Please be sure to visit our SMA and SMAC! Web Magazine sites where you too can encounter the rising talents within our manga community! We look forward to welcoming you there!

Mayuna Mizutani

SMAC! Editorial department

Enrico Croce

“In my opinion, the best way to express your love for a new culture, is to appreciate it slowly. I believe that in "Manga", we have an indispensable ally that can bring us together, and help us to better understand each other. It's an essential presence that encourages us to respect, understand, and truly appreciate one another. This is what “Manga” means to me. The SMAC! team is formed by members who love manga more than anything, and it's with this unbridled passion our editors work tirelessly to further deepen their understanding of each aspect contained within the media we call “Manga”. You are the only ones who can draw its future! Why not join our community and draw it with us today?


  • SMAC! Web magazine official site

    SILENT MANGA AUDITION® official website

  • Manga world map

    Manga world map


Here at Coamix we have traditional print manga in the form of 'Monthly Comic Zenon', and digital manga content in the form of 'WEB Comic Zenyon'. Now, we have an additional platform for announcinig new manga releases in the form of an app called 'Manga HOT'
"Manga HOT" is a game-changing new app for all things MANGA! Available FREE for both iOS and Android devices, this pioneering new resource allows you to explore the exciting world of Japanese and International Manga, all from the comfort of your smartphone.
“Why has Coamix launched a Manga app!?”, “Why is this any different from all the other comic apps on the market!?” we hear you say - well download it and see for yourself!! Did we also mention it's FREE?
Our aim is to not only offer an incredible amount of content, but also aims to introduce you, the reader, to your Manga creators. With exclusive interviews, Q&A sessions and a contact portal, you will finally be able to ask all those burning questions about your favorite manga, not to mention advice and tips in creating your own manga!

Hiroshi Akiyama

Manga Hot editor-in chief

Hiroshi Akiyama

“Manga is entertainment!” is at the very heart of our pioneering new app, Manga HOT. The 21st century has experienced immense change in our industry, especially with the advent of digital media, so can Manga weather this drastic upheaval? Manga Hot has confidently responded to this challenge, because Manga IS entertainment, whether on paper or screen. Though it may differ from conventionaI manga apps, it's my sincere hope you enjoy using Manga HOT.


  • Manga Hot official website

    Manga Hot official website