Along with creating engaging manga, we are committed to passing it on to the next generation.
By implementing scientific analysis, coupled with the tireless support of our experienced editors and creators,
we are helping to secure a prosperous future for manga.

Coamix Board member

Shuichi Mochida

“We’re here to entertain!” This was the core message that drove the original manga pioneers to create their fantastic stories and allow manga to evolve independently. It is now our role to continue their invaluable work by learning the hard won lessons of those pioneers for the benefit of the next generation."


Since its founding, Coamix has produced a great many titles by working hand in hand with our creators. In addition, we are now actively implementing the 'theory', 'experience', and 'manga creative know-how' accrued by our experienced, serialized manga creators and active editors.
From providing lectures on NAME creation, to offering advice on creating oneshots, right up to authoring manga course curriculum and specialized courses at university and school level, we are dedicated to providing creators with real, valuable knowledge.
By imparting the 'knowledge to evolve' that we've attained as a manga publisher, to future generations, we can enable more manga creators to suceed and deliver even higher quality content to their readers. We strongly believe that this is the key to bringing a smile to the faces of both creator and reader alike.
Coamix is committed to continuing this crucial work in nurturing the worldwide manga creators of today, and tomorrow.

Coamix Board member

Shuichi Mochida

“As a company founded by manga creators and editors, we have produced many titles enjoyed the world over, by working hand in hand with our creators. In addition, we are now actively implementing the skills, and 'manga creating know-how' accumulated by our experienced, serialized manga creators and active editors, in order to impart their knowledge to the next generation of creators.
Rather than just give advice to our new creators, we are committed to providing our award winners with effective, specialized lectures at both school and university level, not to mention sharing with them the wealth of professional knowledge we have accumulated, so they are equipped with eveything they need to know to make a successful debut. We remain committed to supporting our manga creators whilst delivering real quality to our readers.”

What do people actually enjoy about reading manga? What exactly piques their interest when they do? By teaming up with Tokyo’s Keio University, we are undertaking scientific research into the effects manga has on it’s audience. This pioneering new research will allow us to observe and record emotional responses to all aspects of manga, enabling us to create a database of what readers expect from their manga. This invaluable data will also allow us to cater manga to everyone’s tastes, ensuring we constantly keep manga fresh and innovative.
We will continue to push the boundaries of scientific research and analysis to gain a greater understanding of what makes manga so appealing the world over and pave the way for truly engaging stories.

E-development vice-director

Takeshi Hanada

“Seasoned manga fans know what they like, however, discovering the work of new manga creators can be a daunting task, especially when that work isn’t recommended via customer purchase history. It's quite possible that a reader will miss out on discovering their next favorite manga simply due to the title being buried among all the data.
By studying readers preferences and emotional reactions to a wide variety of manga, we can offer them stories that match their preferences more closely, much to the delight of eager fans and creators alike. In this way, we hope our research can prove useful to all involved.”

Ms. Yasue Mitsura


Ms. Yasue Mitsukura

“Manga is a staple of modern Japanese culture which has, and continues to, enchant millions all over the world. But can we accurately understand what makes manga so appealing using a tried and tested scientific approach? It was with this very question that Coamix approached us, that began our search for answers.
We are currently conducting in-depth research on reader “preferences” and “brain habits” by analyzing the brain waves of preople reading manga. The results varied wildly between each test subject, but we are now able to start building a picture of subjective reactions to a wide variety of manga. More interesting is the optimal reactions when a subject is given a new manga to read. We will forge ahead, repeating this research on a daily basis until we have built up a complete picture to help secure an innovative future for manga.”

[Ms. Yasue Mitsukura Profile]
Keio University associate professor, faculty of Science and Technology, Department of System Design Engineering / Dentsu Science Jam Inc. Chief Technical Officer.
Engaged in research to extract information from biological signals, sounds and images using advanced techniques, such as signal processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, statistical processing. She is currently promoting research focused on electroencephalograms and imaging.

Coamix are involved in a wide variety of publishing areas, including editorial publication planning, project outsourcing and overseeing international editions. Furthermore, we coordinate the planning, creation and production of "Monthly Comic Zenon" and "Fist of North Star", "Hana no Keiji – Beyond the Clouds", "City Hunter", "Cats ♥ Eye" and "Yoroshiku Mecha Doc."

Publication planning, Sales division section manager

Teruaki Yoshimatsu

Connecting artists and readers!
In recent years, peoples lifestyles have undergone drastic changes resulting in a multitude of ways that readers encounter manga. As you can imagine, there's no shortage of readers that consume physical books far less than they used to. With this question in mind, we constantly ask ourselves how we can reach these once avid readers.
Our job is to make exciting manga entertainment, to be delivered into the hands of the reader. No matter how good the product is, if it isn’t accessible to the reader, then there is no point in producing it. We by no means reach everyone, and in such cases, it is up to us to change how we think, change our format and be constantly open to new ideas that ensure everyone enjoys our Manga.
Here at the Planning & Publishing Sales Division, we are constantly exploring new avenues that ensures our fans are completely satisfied with the services we offer. Our primary role is to provide the best possible encounter between the ‘work’ and reader.”