Coamix created manga content that isn't limited to just books and magazines! From animation, movies and games to manga themed environments, we are committed to producing high quality media via our diverse and successful member companies.

North Star Pictures Co., Ltd

Member companyNorth Star Pictures Inc.

Together with Coamix, North Star Pictures are committed to producing engaging entertainment for the next generation. Foremost, we manage the licensing of our stable of world-renowned characters for use in a wide variety of media formats. From live action movies to mobile applications and web content, we also coordinate the coveted "Monthly Comic Zenon" manga award. Our philosophy is to provide business development support through a deep understanding of manga and a genuine respect for the writers and artists.

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Member companyZizoya Inc.

Zizoya is a company focused on "expressing manga through spaces." From restaurants and bars to real estate, Zizoya combines the essence of Coamix manga with innovative spaces, able to bring people together in intimate environments.
The company is especially active in Kichijoji, Tokyo, where Coamix was founded. Zizoya is heavily invested in the development of the city and continues to play a crucial role in many local activities with the aim of bringing the Kichijoji community together.
We invite you to witness for yourself the invaluable work we do in developing manga themed common spaces in and around Tokyo.

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